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Tom Clancy FAQ - Net Force

The Net Force Books

There are two different types of Net Force books available.  The first are for adults and the second are for older teens.  The older teen books are coming out very quickly and are not presented here.  The premise for all books:

In the year 2010, computers are the new superpowers. Those who control them control the world. To enforce the Net Laws, Congress creates the ultimate computer security agency within the FBI: the Net Force.

Net Force (Adult)

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Tom Clancy's Net Force

A companion novel to an ABC mini-series, the Net Force is an elite unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation dealing with internet crime.  The year is 2010 and computers are the true superpower.  

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Tom Clancy's Net Force: Hidden Agendas

The second in the adult series of Net Force books, this book extends the problem of classified data making its way onto the internet combined with a particularly nasty virus attack on financial computers.   

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Tom Clancy's Net Force: Night Moves

The third in the adult series of Net Force books.  (no summary data available)


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Tom Clancy's Net Force: Breaking Point

The fourth in the adult series of Net Force books.  From

Reeling from a shattered personal life, Net Force Commander Alex Michaels is informed that top secret information from a joint Air Force-Navy venture has been accessed and downloaded. The research involves an atmospheric weapon with the capability to drive half a country into madness using low frequency wave generation. Now the technology has fallen into the wrong hands -- and testing has begun...

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Tom Clancy's Net Force: Point of Impact

The fifth in the adult series of Net Force books.  Review by "":

The large purple pill slides easily down the man's throat. Within minutes his skin tingles, his eyes sharpen, and his muscles bulge. This new designer drug gives its users the strength of superman and the brains of Einstein, if only the user doesn't go crazy first.

Net Force's job is to find out who is manufacturing this drug and stop him before the drug kills more people.

Should the pharmaceutical companies or the military find the person first the results could be disastrous!

This is the fifth book in the Tom Clancy created Net Force series. It's a fast paced, action packed novel that's easy to read and will keep you interested from start to finish. While these novels don't have the highly developed characters, and immense detail of Clancy's earlier works they are still very entertaining.

(Note that "" doesn't seem to realize that Net Force is not written by Clancy)


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Tom Clancy's Net Force: Cybernation

The sixth in the adult series of Net Force books.  From

When web service is disrupted across the world, a new nation makes its presence known. Terrorists from a virtual country called CyberNation have taken the web hostage. Their demands: worldwide recognition and rights for their "citizens." Though there are millions of CyberNation sympathizers, Net Force rallies its troops for an all-out war on three fronts -- politically, physically, and electronically -- because dealing with terrorists is never an option...


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Tom Clancy's Net Force: State of War

The seventh book in the series.  From

Minor viruses are eating away at the Net Force computers. The email shut-downs and flickering monitors are hardly emergencies -- but they've been keeping the tech department hopping. Same with the sudden rash of time-consuming lawsuits. No one in the Net Force has a moment to spare, which is exactly the way Mitchell Townsend Ames wants it. Because when the shadowy mastermind launches his master plan, he wants Net Force to be looking the other way...