3 Reasons to Watch High School Musical: The Musical – Even if You’re New to East High

3 Reasons to Watch High School Musical: The Musical – Even if You’re New to East High

High School Musical

For oldies at East High, High School Musical: The Musical (HSMTM) is a trip back to the memory lane with delightful freshness. The memories of Zac Effron’s on-screen chemistry with Vanessa Hudgens, the iconic ‘Breaking Free’ and ‘We’re All in This Together’ numbers, and Wildcat’s smooth moves are all reasons to watch HSMTM, a series produced by Tim Federle for Disney+. If you are yet to watch the series for fear you’ll get lost, here are three solid reasons to give the series a try.

Reason #1: It’s not a Rehash of the High School Musical Movies or Characters

While most TV series based on movies remake the characters and maintain the plotline, High School Musical uses a new take. The TV series makes nods and references to the East High franchise movies, but it offers a fresh take that’s delightful for longtime fans and freshers. It’s no wonder the series scores an impressive 7.1/10, according to IMDb, with raving reviews from all types of viewers. While the original movies used the typical high school romantic musical, The Musical uses a mockumentary approach that breaks the fourth wall.

Reason #2: The Musical Numbers are Irresistible

Even if you’re new to the East High franchise movies, you’ll find the musical numbers and performances worth singing along to. Apart from covering popular musical numbers such as ‘Breaking Free,’ the show introduces original songs to the mix, like ‘All I Want’ by Olivia Rodrigo and ‘Out of the Old’ by Matt Cornett. According to Entertainment Weekly, Olivia Rodrigo’s originals got her the first entry to the Hot 100 and made her an overnight success. The covers of ‘I Think I Kinda, You Know’ and ‘Stick to the Status Quo’ done by the main cast are iconic.

Reason #3: The Plot is Insanely Good

If you don’t watch HSTM for any other reason, the plot should be enough to convince you to get that popcorn. Disney musicals are created to be feel-good with themes of romance, friendship, and a pop of drama. HSTM shows up with well-developed characters and intriguing storylines. We won’t drop spoilers, but be ready for twists and turns that will leave you wanting more. Even if you are new to East High and don’t know who broke up with whom, you’ll find someone to love – from the eccentric Nini to the whimsical Bowen, the plotlines are bound to keep you engaged.

Musicals can turn ordinary moments into magical ones with irresistible music, drama, and feel-good vibes. Tom Federle’s High School Musical: The Musical is worth watching, even for people who’ve never watched High School Musical Movies. Take our word for it and try it!