The Road Trip Lifestyle: Exploring the Best Routes for Adventurous Drivers

The Road Trip Lifestyle

Exploring the United States by car could be one of the best experiences you’ll ever have. Whether alone or with a small party, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the scenery, wind in your hair, and possibly many good conversations. If you’ve been bitten by the road trip bug, then prepare yourself for the time of your life! Read on to find awesome tips and routes for your USA road trip adventure.

Where You Start Matters

The United States is quite huge, making it perfect for those looking for a long road trip. Your starting location will determine your route, so take a look at a map to see which direction you may want to veer. Are you starting from the west coast, east coast, northern border, or southern border? After figuring out your point of origin, you can easily hop in your car and start the engine. A new RAM for sale could take you along for the entire journey without any hiccups along the way.

Latitude Drives: West-to-East or East-to-West

On a globe, latitude lines run horizontally, meaning that they creep along east or west on a compass. The United States spans longer in this manner, so you will get a pleasantly long trip if you choose a latitude drive. An added benefit is that the weather will typically remain the same during your trek, so you won’t have to pack any extra clothing or outfit your vehicle accordingly. Let’s take a look at some possible routes for your adventure:

  1. Pioneer Vantage Point: Start in Oregon on US-20 and move toward Massachusetts.
  2. Peaceful Isolation: Start in California and go toward Maryland on US-50.
  3. Route 66 Experience: Start in California and drive toward Illinois on Route 66.

Enjoy a long and satisfying road trip along any of these paved routes.

Longitude Drives: North-to-South or South-to-North

On a map, longitude lines run upward or downward, which coincides with north and south on a compass. The USA has plenty of roads in these directions, but they are shorter than those along the latitude lines. Should you choose a longitude drive, expect a sharp change in weather, so prepare for it ahead of time. Additionally, make sure not to drive into Canada or Mexico, since their borders are at the end of the trails. Here are some travels you can take up for a longitudinal road trip:

  1. Pacific Rim: Start at Seattle, WA, and head south toward San Diego, CA.
  2. Old Mexico: Take US-83 from North Dakota to Texas.
  3. Liberty and Beaches: Start in New York, NY, and move toward Miami, FL.

These trips require a bit of exploration along different highways and roads, so bring extra gas, money, and food.

Road Trip Bliss is Yours for the Taking

The USA is home to vast stretches of road and uncharted wilderness, making it excellent for road trips. Whether you are heading out for a week or a month, a wild or peaceful adventure is yours for the taking. Traverse on any of these routes for the time of your life.