Carole Ann Boone: Where is She Now?

Carole Ann Boone: Where is She Now?

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Who is Carole Ann Boone exactly? Now, where is she? You may read more about Carole’s life story and other information here.

Ted Bundy once said of himself, “The most cold-hearted son of a bit*h you’ll ever meet.” And his actions prove beyond a doubt that this statement is accurate. One of the most infamous serial killers in American history is Ted Bundy. He was not just a murderer but also a rapist, a kidnapper, and a necrophile. He was definitely a terrible man.

One individual seems to have a different opinion, though. That individual is none other than Ted Bundy’s legitimate wife, Carole Ann Boone. Though the notorious serial killer Ted Bundy has captured the attention of Americans for many years, how much do we actually know about his wife, Carole Ann Boone?

That’s what this essay will discover for us!

How Did Bundy And Boone Meet?

When she first met Bundy, she was married and had a teenage child. At the height of his murderous career, in 1974, Bundy met Carole Ann Boone when both of them were employed at the Washington State Department of Emergency Services. In addition, he was helping to find the three missing women he had killed.

She remarked, “I guess I was closer to him than other people at the agency.” “I liked Ted right away. We had a great rapport. She had no idea about Bundy’s crimes, including the rape, murder, and kidnapping of young women.

They appeared to click immediately away. At that point, Boone was going through her own problems. She was parenting her son James alone, had just gone through a second divorce, and was seeing a “large, unpleasant man.” It makes sense that at the moment, Boone would be drawn to someone as attractive and strong as Bundy.

Nevertheless, over time, Boone and Bundy’s bond grew stronger. They corresponded through letters, and Boone visited him in the state. Although Boone and Bundy were not yet wed, their relationship was growing every day.

How did they get married?

Boone testified as a character witness for Bundy in 1979, the year the couple were married. In accordance with Florida law, a judge must be present for a marriage to take place in court. Bundy took full use of this legal loophole, which probably won the jury over.

However, the serial killer insisted that it was a sincere act of love rather than a fraud. “We didn’t do this for your benefit,” he said to the jury members. It was their one and only opportunity to be together in a setting where the appropriate things might be said. It was a personal matter between us.

Carole Ann Boone as a loyal wife

While visiting Bundy in the death row jail, Boone became pregnant. Ted Bundy’s wife brought their daughter to her monthly jail visits, even though her husband was responsible for horrifying deaths.

Conjectures regarding Boone’s pregnancy with Rose started when she became pregnant because the serial killer was prohibited from seeing her spouse. Boone said in a 1981 article that “it’s nobody’s business” how Bundy became her father.

She was certain that Bundy was innocent. He eventually admitted before he passed away, and she felt “deeply betrayed.”

The media frequently depicted Ted Bundy and Carole Boone’s relationship as a love tale that went beyond the death penalty. Boone proved to be a devoted and helpful wife during her testimony in court for Bundy’s defense; in the process, she even became pregnant with their daughter, Rose. In contrast, their nontraditional union came to an end three years before Ted’s passing.

Bundy’s wife was so distraught by his confession that she decided to take her child and go back to Washington State. On the day of his execution, she even declined to answer his calls.

She most likely relocated and changed the names of herself and her child.

Where Is Carole Ann Boone Now?

Although not much is known about her or her daughter in the public domain, we do know that Boone was so upset that she turned down Ted Bundy’s last phone call. Three years after their divorce, on January 24, 1989, he was put to death. Before Carole passed away in January 2018 at the age of 70 from septic shock in a retirement community in Washington State, not much was known about her. Rose Bundy, her daughter, has stayed out of the spotlight and is currently estimated to be in her late thirties.

Ann Rule’s support to the family

Ann Rule was a former acquaintance and coworker of Ted Bundy. In the US, she also writes books and articles about true crime. Rose Bundy gave Rule—best known for the book The Stranger Beside Me—an interview regarding her father. However, according to the author, she doesn’t know where Boone or her daughter Rose is.

Carole’s family’s whereabouts are still the subject of several rumors, conjectures, and suspicions, but Rule has spoken out against the media’s unrelenting pursuit of them. After seeing the horrible news about their connection to a serial killer, she feels they have a right to privacy.


It’s obvious that Carole Boone doesn’t want her daughter to live in constant fear of her husband’s transgressions. It’s probably for the best, too! That was all there was to Carole Ann Boone. We hope this was educational and interesting to you. Share your opinions with us in the comments section below!