How to Customize Your Open Plain Ring Wedding Band to Reflect Your Style

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The age-old traditional wedding band may be simple and classic, but many personalization options exist. From engravings to gemstone accents, here are six inspirational ways to customize your open plain ring wedding band.

Mixing metals is a hot modern trend, and it’s easy to do with so many open ring styles available in two-tone finishes. This is a great way to add color and individuality to your rings.

Engrave the Inside

Engraving your rings is a great way to add personal meaning and sentiment to your bands. Consider drawing inspiration from your wedding day, a particular date, location coordinates, song lyrics, or a romantic phrase you and your fiance say to each other.

If your relationship is spiritual, a bible verse or other religious text can also be meaningful and a beautiful choice for your ring engraving. Some couples even choose to have their names engraved inside! It’s a lovely reminder of their love story whenever they look at their hands.

Engraving a message inside your wedding band is a great way to personalize it. You can even get creative and replace words with symbols like ‘&’ or a heart.

An open wedding band, distinguished by its unique design and open-ended style, symbolizes the unending bond and shared journey between two individuals, adding an elegant touch to matrimonial jewelry.

For example, if you and your partner love a specific movie and quote lines from it often, engraving them on the inside of your rings is a fun way to remember them.

You could also choose a line from a poem or famous love quote from someone you admire. There are endless possibilities!

Engrave the Outside

Engravings on the outside of a wedding band can be as meaningful as the message inside. We etch names and initials, significant dates, or evocative song lyrics to commemorate your love story.

We also offer a range of side textures that add interest to the look and feel of your ring. Choose from matte, hammered, or satin finishes.

Some couples even have their heartbeats (electrocardiograph) or fingerprints engraved into their bands. This impressive personalization technique is perfect for those who love the idea of a truly unique and memorable piece of jewelry.

Engraving is one of the most popular ways to customize a wedding band. From heartfelt messages to evocative song lyrics, engraving adds depth and meaning to a wedding band.

Textures are another way to add personality to a wedding band. Choose from traditional polished, satin, hammered, pebbled, wire brushed, or florentine finish to create a unique look.

Every relationship has a shared language that only the couple understands. Engrave phrases like “always” or “my love” to hold a special message close to your heart.

For a bolder look, some couples like to engrave the outside surface of their wedding bands. This makes it easy to display a custom message only they can see.

A favorite engraving option is to inscribe a particular date or a meaningful song lyric that connects you and your partner. It’s also a great way to add a unique touch to a wedding band passed down through your family. Engravings look beautiful against matte, hammered, or satin textures. They can even be engraved on the side of the ring for added points of interest.

Consider engraving the outside if your wedding band wants to make a statement independently. This can be a subtle, sophisticated way to add a custom message that only you and your partner will know.

Try textured finishes such as matte, pebbled, or hammered for a more modern look. These finishes give the metal a unique surface, creating a different aesthetic for your ring.

Your wedding band is something you’ll wear forever, so it must reflect your style. One way to do this is to engrave your wedding band with a special message.

Engraving is an excellent option for any ring, but it’s trendy for wedding bands. You can engrave your wedding band with special dates, meaningful song lyrics, or even your fingerprint!

Laser engraving produces a clean, crisp, and precise image on most metals. It looks best on silver and white tungsten rings but can also be done on black or ceramic rings.

Set a Gemstone on the Inside

A gemstone can be set inside an open plain band using this technique. This is an excellent way to add a bit of personality to your ring without changing its external look.

A popular alternative to the traditional center diamond is a sapphire. The blue of the stone is a beautiful compliment to many engagement rings.

You can also choose to add a unique textured finish to your ring. Popular finishes include hammered, pebbled, and wire brushed. This gives a beautiful variation in reflectiveness and texture, perfect for couples looking for a unique look.

Set a Gemstone on the Outside

If you prefer something other than engraving, inlay designs are another way to add a unique touch. Choose a design like the coordinates of your first date, an enchanted phrase from a favorite movie, or song lyrics that speak to you and your partner.

The setting style you select for your gemstone will also be essential to your ring’s overall appearance. For example, a burnish setting will make your diamond appear larger by diffusing the outline of its facets against the band. A channel setting offers an even more visible sparkle and secure design.

You’ll wear a wedding band forever, so picking a style that speaks to your personality is essential. There are many ways to personalize your ring, from diamonds and gemstone accents to engravings and alternative metal finishes.

Engraving words and numbers is a longstanding love story tradition that can add a subtle but impactful touch to your wedding ring. From meaningful dates to evocative song lyrics, there’s an outer engraving design for every personality.