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Subject: Re: I Got A Blooper on T.C.!
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Date: 2002-08-26 15:57:43 PST

Yeah, someone got me on WWII trivia. Ouch, I hate making THAT kind of mistake,
but well done, Kratz, for gigging me when I had it coming.

But, guys, please, on time-references of the hit on the Pope, have you not yet
learned that I ALWAYS farble time references I my books? The Ryan Universe is
in quantum time. You never know exactly what the time period really is. (The
Heizenberg Principle, you see.) The time references are always contradictory.
The guys who tried to construct set time points for the books are even more
crazy than I am. 

I mean, I respect and express my gratitude for taking my work so seriously,
but, really, if I don't (on the time issue, that is) why should you?

Alas, I cannot really comment on the criticism of my work (you ungrateful
bastards!), but be assured that I read all of it. I even save the good
criticisms to a file on my Mac, in the hope that I might learn from it. The
good criticism, that is, not the stuff written in used house trailers next to
the town dumps.


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