‘One Piece’ Watch Order: With Movies & OVAs

one piece movies in order

This detailed watch sequence of One Piece movies in order will help you easily explore the vast amount of content if you’re a fan hoping to get started with “One Piece” films. “One Piece” has won over millions of fans since its debut thanks to its thrilling adventures, endearing characters, and magnificent world-building. The core of the tale is provided by the primary anime series, but to enhance the whole experience, the franchise has grown to encompass a variety of films and original video animations (OVAs).

Concealing the ‘One Piece’ Universe

It’s crucial to understand the main plot of the One Piece movies in order series before starting to watch the films and OVAs. “One Piece” is a video game developed by Eiichiro Oda that chronicles the exploits of Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew as they search for the fabled One Piece treasure by sailing the Grand Line. Action, comedy, drama, and exploration are all expertly woven together in this series, creating a world that keeps viewers glued to their screens, eagerly awaiting the next episode or film release.

The Primary Anime Series: The Inception

The primary anime series is where the “One Piece” saga is centered. Here, you’ll follow Luffy’s transformation from an inexperienced pirate to a powerful figure in the pirate community. Start with the first episode of the main anime series to get started on your journey. This will introduce you to Luffy’s mission to become the Pirate King and the relationships he develops with his fellow crew members, who go by the name Straw Hat Pirates.

You will experience the main plot arcs, character growth, and the mysteries that unravel as you follow the main anime series that have made “One Piece” a worldwide sensation. Understanding the background and importance of the events portrayed in the films and original animated television series requires watching the anime.

How to Go Through the Films: In Chronological Order

The “One Piece” film franchise has an amazing catalog of stand-alone adventures with our favorite Straw Hat Pirates. It is advised to view these movie tales in chronological order in order to thoroughly enjoy them:

The Movie One Piece (2000) The idea of the Grand Line is presented in this film, along with the difficulties the Straw Hat Pirates will face when they journey into this dangerous area of the ocean.

Clockwork Island Adventure in the 2001 film Clockwork Island Adventure, follow Luffy and his gang as they trek through Clockwork Island to save Nami and foil the schemes of The Thief Brothers, a pirate gang.

In Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals (2002), the Straw Hat Pirates discover a region populated by enigmatic animals and become embroiled in a conspiracy that jeopardizes the tranquility of the island.

In the 2003 film Dead End Adventure, the crew searches for a pirate called Gasparde and his loot while taking part in a lethal pirate race.

Curse of the Sacred Sword (2004) A cursed sword of great power is at the center of a battle with the Straw Hat Pirates. It is up to Luffy and his group to make sure that this weapon stays out of the wrong hands.

The crew of Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island (2005) is enticed to an opulent resort island, but they soon discover that their bonds are put to the test by sinister and perilous trials.

A battle between science and piracy breaks out when Luffy and his crew come across a scientist and his mechanical creatures on a secluded island in The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle (2006).

In this episode of Alabasta (2007), the princess of the desert and the pirates This film offers some more sequences and improved animation in addition to recapitulating the anime’s Alabasta arc.

Strong World (2009) Directed by Eiichiro Oda, this film presents the world to the fearsome pirate Shiki and his quest for vengeance.

In the 2012 One Piece movie Z, the formidable and spiteful former Marine Admiral Zephyr opposes the Straw Hat Pirates.

The 2016 film One Piece Gold: After arriving in Gran Tesoro, a wealthy and entertaining city, Luffy and his group learn about the sinister mysteries that lie beneath the opulent façade.

In the 2019 movie One Piece Stampede, which honors the anime’s 20th anniversary, Luffy and his pals encounter both feared enemies and well-known characters at a lavish pirate festival.

Unique OVAs: Gems You May Miss

“One Piece” has a number of original video animations (OVAs) in addition to the films, which provide backstories and personal perspectives on the lives of the characters. Though they don’t directly relate to the main story, these OVAs offer enjoyable and frequently amusing side stories. Among the notable OVAs are:

Take Him Out! In 1998, The Pirate Ganzack! This OVA is an early version of the series and comes before the anime. It’s a rare look at “One Piece’s” original concept.

Romance Dawn Story (2008): Based on the “One Piece” prototype chapter, this OVA tells Luffy’s Genesis story.

Conquer Ace’s Death in 3D2Y! 2014’s Luffy’s Promise to His Friends: The two years that pass after the team splits up and before they reunite are covered in this OVA.

Savoring the ‘One Piece’ Grand Tour

An amazing chance to explore the world of pirates, devil fruits, and adventure in greater detail is offered by the “One Piece” films and anime video adaptions. As you enjoy self-contained adventures that highlight the crew’s varied personalities and strengths, you may improve your comprehension of the series’ characters and narrative according to the recommended watch order.

As you set out on this epic journey through “One Piece,” keep in mind that every film and original video game adds a distinct flavor to the overall story. Thus, don your straw hat and embark on an adventure through a wealth of animated and cinematic treasures that honor the eternal essence of this cherished brand.