Does Eren Die in Attack on Titan? How & Who Kills Him?

does eren yeager die

One of the main characters in Hajime Isayama’s manga Attack on Titan is Eren Yeager. Adolescent Eren has sworn retribution against the enormous monsters known as Titans for consuming his mother. He enlists in the Army and joins the Exploration Battalion, a unit of fighters that battle the Titans outside the walls, in an attempt to eradicate them. Eren discovers later in the narrative that he has the capacity to change into Titan, dubbed “the Attack Titan.” From there, it becomes a vital tool for mankind to defeat their foes. We’ll tell you whether Eren die in Attack on Titan in this article.

In the last stages of the War for Paradis storyline, Mikasa decapitates Eren Yeager, resulting in his death. Before their last encounter, Eren had turned into the adversary of the world after going insane from his quest. In the end, Mikasa had to execute Eren, who some saw as a sacrifice for peace because he wanted to exterminate a significant section of humanity and could not be reasoned with because he had gone insane.

We’ll expose and discuss Eren Yeager’s tragic story, which is among the most frightening and depressing in the Attack on Titan comic. We will provide you with all the information regarding Eren Yeager’s die in Attack on Titan since we are aware of everything that occurred and how it happened. This post contains a lot of spoilers for those of you who aren’t up to date on everything.

Does Eren Die in Attack on Titan?

As previously mentioned in the introduction, Eren Yeager is a prominent figure in Attack on Titan. He was widely considered the series’ ultimate hero, someone who would bring an end to the dystopian tyranny in Isayama’s universe. And although his journey was largely heroic, it took a terrible turn in the latter stages.

Since the anime doesn’t depict this, we must alert readers who haven’t read the manga to the fact that there are many spoilers in the text that follows. If you don’t want to know every detail surrounding Eren’s death, skip ahead to the warning. We will verify that Eren Yeager does indeed die in Attack on Titan in this part. This occurs in the last arc of both the manga and the anime. The details of his death will be covered in greater detail in the parts that follow.

How did Attack on Titan’s Eren come to be?

Now, as Eren’s character development is essential to comprehending his fate, we must give you his entire tale in order to fully comprehend how and why he perished in Attack on Titan. Because of his sad evolution, it is impossible to fully grasp the events in the manga’s last chapters without also understanding the events that preceded them.

Ten-year-old Eren Yeager is shown as a resident of Shiganshina, Japan, with aspirations of joining the Exploration Corps to venture outside the city’s boundaries. A year before the story’s events, Eren helps Mikasa free her kidnappers while early on forming his philosophy. He goes with his father, Grisha, to see his family.

During the Titans’ invasion of Shiganshina, Eren is forced to watch as one of the Titans attacks his mother, and he vows to destroy the Titans forever. Eren then enlists in the army. During his first mission on Trost, Eren gives his everything to stop his friend Armin from being swallowed by a bearded giant. As he transforms into a titan, Eren proves that his new might can protect people.

Eren is admitted into Levi’s Special Operations Squad of the Survey Corps. Eren is being pursued by a Titan, so Levi and Mikasa step in to save him. After being defeated by Eren and left frozen in ice, his classmate Annie Leonhart is later identified as the Titan. As Annie’s last comrades pursue him, Eren awakens a power known as the Founding Titan.

Rebuild of Wall Maria.

Soon afterward, Eren and his companions are moved to a secluded settlement where preparations are underway for a campaign to rebuild Wall Maria. Rod Reiss claims that his family utilized the foundation to maintain dominance until Grisha took it over. Rod Reiss’ ancestor Karl Fritz erected the walls, therefore the foundation belonged to his family for many years. Then Rod Reiss catches Eren.

We soon learn that Eren’s metamorphosis into a Titan is due to Grisha, who once inadvertently swallowed his son. Eren’s classmate Krista Lenz, who is also Rod’s daughter, decides not to help her father and lets Eren go. Set out towards Shiganshina by Eren and the Survey Corps, the goal was to reclaim Wall Maria and defeat Zeke, the Beast Titan, and his army of Titans, led by Bertolt and Reiner.

Soon after Shiganshina has been apprehended safely, Eren and his comrades learn about Grisha’s past. Zeke is identified as Eren’s half-brother and Grisha’s first child. It is also revealed that they are both native to the nation of Marley. While living on the island of Paradis, they come to understand that Marley is actually their true enemy. They are a race known as Eldians, or more accurately, the “People of Ymir,” descended from the first Shifting Titan Ymir.

Fritz and that power were used to conquer and subjugate many races and nations in the past, including Marley, who overthrew Eldia and took control of Seven of the Nine Titans before oppressing and degrading the Eldians, when it was divided among the Nine Titans who would eventually become his people. In the past, the Eldian Empire had used those who had stayed on the continent as enormous power possessors to topple governments that had followed.

Why he is Imprisoned?

Eren learns he has a finite amount of time left in existence since he possesses the powers of two of the Nine Titans: the Attack Titan and the Founding Titan. Eren leads the Scout Corps on a Zeke extraction in Liberius four years after Marley defeats the Allied Forces of the Middle East, all the while shielding himself from Marley’s infiltrators with the Colossus Titan Armin. After having his leg amputated, Eren takes on the identity of Mr. Kruger, a former military commander for the Marley. After Willy Tybur calls a conference and declares war on Paradis, Eren responds swiftly, charging at Willy and killing him before consuming his sister to gain the power of the Warhammer Titan.

Due to his actions, Eren is imprisoned; however, he escapes with a group of Loyalist Scout Corps members, known as “Jaegerists,” and carries on with his search for Zeke. As Eren introduces himself to Mikasa and Armin, a group of soldiers under Reiner’s command ambush him. Eren tries to reach Zeke to summon the might of the Founding Titan, but Gabi nearly kills him. As Ymir Fritz, the source of the Founding Titan’s power, was enslaved by the first king of the walls’ descendants, and because he is a member of the royal family who is not descended from the latter, Zeke ends up taking control of the power after saving his brother.

Eren convinces Ymir to help him after giving him the opportunity to make his own decision. Upon his resurrection, Eren unleashes the Titans from beyond the walls and declares that he will eradicate all life beyond Paradis to protect the populace from him. So making him the planet’s enemy. The Titans destroy most of Marley before a gang led by Armin kills Zeke, puts an end to the Rumble, and breaks Eren’s connection to the Titan’s source. After a series of fights, Mikasa ultimately beheads Eren.

Eren is killed by whom in Attack on Titan?

The irony of Eren’s demise is that Mikasa Ackerman. The one person who had genuinely shown concern for his safety throughout is the one who ends up killing him. She had to be the one to kill Eren, in the end, was devastating because she genuinely loved and cared for him. It was one of the saddest scenes in the entire series and a heartbreaking moment, even if nothing else would have made sense.

In which episode does Eren die in Attack on Titan?

At the very conclusion of the Attack on Titan manga, Eren passes away. His passing hasn’t been depicted in the anime series yet because it’s not finished, but we’re sure it will at some point in the last season. We simply aren’t aware of the precise episode count. It seems likely that he will pass away in the final or semi-final episode. However, given the way the creators drag out the conclusion with every new “season,” we’ll just have to wait to find out how many episodes there are.