Reasons to Buy Microsoft Windows 10 Pro From a Reputable Software Vendor

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

Whether upgrading an old PC or building a new one, there are many reasons to buy Microsoft Windows 10 Pro. This version offers many features, making it the ideal choice for businesses. It also includes BitLocker disk encryption and tools that facilitate seamless connectivity.


Microsoft has built a solid reputation for providing reliable software products and services. This includes its operating system, Windows. Its home version, Windows 10 Home, is geared toward everyday use, while its professional version, Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, includes advanced management and security features. While the differences between the two versions are subtle, Pro offers a few key advantages over home. For example, it comes with several tools that make it easier to manage multiple computers, including BitLocker and Assigned Access 8.1. It also supports a TPM chip, which is a small microchip that provides additional security functions.

In addition to its business-friendly features, Windows 10 Pro is optimized for modern hardware. Its support for Continuum lets you quickly switch between desktop and tablet mode. It also includes Cortana, the new virtual assistant, and Microsoft Edge, a brand-new browser. It is available in various languages and can work on desktops, laptops, and tablets. It also has features like Battery Saver, which makes the PC more power efficient, and TPM Assistant, a tool that manages the device’s encryption keys.


If you have an older computer, now is a great time to upgrade to Windows 10. In addition to faster start-ups and better Cortana assistance, the OS also offers crucial security features. Plus, it’s packed with innovative tools for work and play, including the new Microsoft Edge web browser and a built-in virtual assistant called Cortana.

However, you can buy a discounted operating system version to get the most bang for your buck. Many websites offer Windows 10 Pro license key discounts. These codes are typically legitimate; the sites acquire them from wholesalers with surplus software copies. Moreover, the sites don’t advertise themselves as offering illegally sold software. While Microsoft’s official online store sells retail licenses for the operating system, it also makes OEM licenses available. The difference is that an OEM license is tied to a specific device but works like a full retail license. For example, it allows unlimited Windows reinstalls and access to all future updates.


The new Windows 10 Pro is a great choice for anyone who needs a computer for work, home, or play. It is fast and reliable, with built-in apps that allow you to create and share files across multiple devices. It also includes features like BitLocker encryption and remote desktop, which can help keep your data secure. Its security features are designed to protect your PC from malware, viruses, and phishing attacks. In addition, it can defer updates, so you won’t have to worry about losing important information when the system is being updated.

It comes with elegant built-in apps that you’ll use daily, including Maps, Photos, Mail & Calendar, Groove, and Movies & TV. It also includes OneDrive, which helps you store and sync all your files across all your Windows 10 devices. This makes it easier to stay organized and get things done on the go. It also offers enhanced security features, including Windows Hello, which allows you to unlock your device with a look or touch.

Windows 10 Pro is more expensive than its Home counterpart, but it’s worth the investment if you need advanced business features. These include remote desktops and domain join, making managing multiple computers easy. It also includes extra security features, such as Windows Sandbox, which can help you navigate untrusted websites virtually.


The latest version of Microsoft’s Windows 10 Pro includes several useful features for professional users. For example, the Pro edition has mobile device management (MDM) that lets you control apps and security settings on connected phones. It also supports touch displays, voice commands, pen sketches, and Windows Hello login. In addition, it has integral device encryption that protects your data from hackers.

If you need to run applications requiring high hardware support, upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. This version has more memory slots than home and can run more demanding software. It also supports using a TPM chip, which offers additional security functions. Moreover, it includes a battery-saving feature that limits background activity and can help you get more life from your laptop.

Another advantage of the Windows 10 Pro version is that it can join a domain and use group policy settings. This feature is useful for IT administrators but unnecessary for the average computer user. It also has additional security features like BitLocker drive encryption, which isn’t available on Home editions.

However, the biggest benefit of Microsoft’s Windows 10 is that it’s free for everyone. That means most of the world’s computers will keep running it even after its end-of-life date. This is a dangerous and irresponsible situation that needs to be addressed.