Spotify Receiptify: How To Make Your Spotify Receipt?

Spotify Receiptify

Following the success of Icebergify, Wrapped, Pie Chart, and other popular Spotify usage-based trends, there is a brand-new trend called Spotify Receipt that is going viral on social media. Learn how to create your own Spotify receipt using the unofficial Receiptify application and whether you can also create an Apple Music receipt with it.

Many users post their Spotify receipts, which detail the music and artists they’ve been listening to, on social media. This post can assist you if you have been perplexed by them and desire to make your own. In this way, you may get in on the action and amusingly tell your friends about your favorite tunes and albums.

What is Spotify Receiptify or Spotify Receipt?

Your music listening habits are visually shown in the form of a bill on a Spotify receipt. Receiptify, an unapproved third-party tool, is used to make it. Michelle Liu, a Maryland native studying information systems at Carnegie Mellon University, developed this tool.

The website and software Receiptify compile your Spotify data analyze it, and then process it to create a receipt that includes your top 10 songs from the previous month, the previous six months, and all time. Following that, you can post that receipt to social networking platforms and share it with your contacts.

The well-known Instagram account @albumreceipts, where well-known album setlists are uploaded in a receipt style, served as inspiration for Receiptify. The same is done for your Spotify data by this website/app. With just a quick glance at the receipt, you may quickly determine what you’ve been listening to most frequently on the music streaming service.

The operation of Spotify Receiptify.

Receiptify operates as its name would imply. Your music streaming information from programs like Spotify, Apple Music, and is “received” by this program. It gathers and examines your data, just like prior Spotify trends, and then shows it in a receipt-like layout.

The tool currently allows you to create three different sorts of receipts. An annual receipt, a six-month receipt, and a monthly receipt. It is an open-source program, and the website’s “About” section contains the code. No alteration of the data is done; it is exclusively taken from official sources.

How to Create a Spotify Receiptify?

You may easily create your own Spotify receipt. Simply open any web browser and navigate to the Receiptify website (opens in a new tab). Although its app is also available for download, we advise using the website for security reasons.

Click the “Login with Spotify” button in the green now. You will then be sent to the music streaming service’s login page. To sign in to Spotify, you can do so by entering your credentials or by using a connected account.

You must provide Receiptify with the appropriate permissions to gather and analyze your usage data after logging in. The data will then need to be processed for a few minutes before your Spotify receipt can be created. Finally, you will see the most-played songs on your customized receipt of choice.

Social media: Post a screenshot of your Spotify receipt

Once your Spotify receipt has been prepared, click the share icon to share it on Twitter, Instagram, or another social media site. The receipt can also be manually posted on your social media accounts with a unique caption after being screenshotted.

For your post to go viral, don’t forget to use the hashtag #SpotifyReceipt. What songs have you been playing the most? Your friends and followers would love to know. There is a good probability that you may discover and make new acquaintances who share your musical preferences.

Are Apple Music Receipts Available?

Yes, Apple Music subscribers can make their own musical receipts with Receiptify. For that, the website and app make use of the Apple Music API. The “Login with Apple Music” option, however, has just vanished from the Receiptify website. The cause of that is still unknown in an official sense.

We’re hoping it’s a short-term problem since once it’s resolved, you’ll be able to create your Apple Music receipt. Simply navigate to Receiptify in a web browser and sign in with your Apple Music credentials to accomplish that. After that, choose the length of your receipt to display the songs that have been played the most throughout that time.

Additionally, is supported by Receiptify, and you may make a receipt for it by logging in with your account. Making various receipts and posting them on social media to attract followers is a terrific use of this technology.

How to Create a Receipt for Music from YouTube?

Users of Receiptify are now unable to create receipts for YouTube Music using services like Spotify or Apple Music. However, Michelle, the owner, hopes to bring additional changes to the tool, so the feature might be added shortly. You will need to wait a while to receive your own receipt if you use YT Music.

For the time being, you can start by using, Apple Music, or Spotify before creating your own receipt to share on social media. Alternatively, you might manually create a receipt using a similar format and your preferred music. We are able to assist you there. Please tell us in the comments.


The most frequent inquiries about the subject are listed below:

Where can I find my Spotify receipt?

By visiting Receiptify, a third-party website, and logging into your account, you may create and view your Spotify receipt. The most-played tracks from your receipt are then available for viewing and sharing.

Is using Receiptify safe?

Receiptify is very safe to use because it only gathers information about your usage. Just join your Apple Music or Spotify account and give us permission to see your streaming preferences. Since installing the app might occasionally be a bit hazardous, we advise visiting its website for an extra degree of security.

Why does Spotify Receiptify, not function?

The first thing you should do if Receiptify isn’t generating your Spotify or Apple Music receipt is to see whether pop-ups are being banned in your browser. It would be easier for you to create your receipt if you unblock them from the website.

If they are not stopped, the website may experience high traffic periods and begin to break down. Simply wait a little before attempting to create your receipt. Many people are trying to create their own musical receipts as a result of the recent increase in popularity.

Last Words

Recently, Spotify receipts have gained a lot of popularity. They are a wonderful method to introduce others to your most popular music and performers right now. You may now create your own musical receipt and upload it to social media to share with your friends and followers. Joining this trend might help you meet some new people with whom to socialize.

That concludes this post. Please inquire in the comments if you need any assistance with making your musical receipts. We’ll be happy to assist you further. Additionally, you can share some fantastic suggestions below.