Has Lizzo ever had a child? Here’s the reason why admirers are perplexed by this sweet moment.


Just Lizzo is the ideal role model for young people everywhere. Has Lizzo ever had a child? After the hitmaker’s most recent Instagram post, if you found yourself wondering exactly what happened, allow us to clarify the situation while also providing your daily dose of good content.

ICYMI, on Wednesday, June 22, 2023, the About Damn Time singer shared a picture from her most recent performance on Instagram. In the picture, she is seen having a heartwarming conversation with a young girl who has joined her on stage.

The caption on Lizzo’s Instagram image read: “Everything I do is for HER.” She was sporting a fresh pink hairstyle. in order for her to learn how to radically love herself as she grows up. An inspiring and lovely message, but one that has caused a lot of online confusion. So, um, Lizzo is a mother?

Is there a daughter for Lizzo? Reason for fans’ confusion

Following the sweet post, Lizzo’s comment area was inundated with compliments but also a ton of inquiries from followers asking how they had missed the announcement that Lizzo had become a mother. This gave the expression “mother is mothering” a whole new meaning.

One supporter even asked: “Wait, Lizzo got a daughter?”

A second person added: “WAIT LIZZO HAS A KID???!”

If you’re wondering whether she has children, let us put an end to your speculation right there: no, she doesn’t; the young girl on stage was just a concertgoer. However, Lizzo is unquestionably the mother of all role models.

No, the pop star and pioneer of the yellow eyeliner fad was actually explaining that the reason behind everything she does, including performing, supporting size diversity, and clapping back at body-shaming (especially on social media), is for young girls all around the world. As one admirer very well put it: “I needed this growing up but I’m happy it’s here now.”

Thankfully, the majority of followers were not baffled by the post—especially because the young girl’s parents appeared to praise Lizzo for the touching moment—and rushed to the comments to express their affection.

One supporter wrote: “*cut to this baby girl’s Grammy speech in 15 years* ‘I’d like to thank mama Lizzo for hugging me on stage and inspiring me to be everything I ever wanted to b.'”

While another supporter added: “role model status.”

And a third added, “I attended this performance, and this moment was AMAZING! Definitely brought a tear to my eye. I appreciate you being such a lovely person.

You are the one crying; not we.