10 Best Lines from Succession Season 4, Ranked: The Sharp-Witted Gems That Defined the Season

Succession Season 4

Succession Season 4 took viewers on another thrilling journey through the cutthroat world of the Roy family and their media empire. Alongside the intense power struggles and family dynamics, the show delivered some exceptional writing, packed with memorable one-liners. In this article, we’ll explore the 10 best lines from Season 4 of Succession, ranked based on their impact, relevance, and sharp wit.

“The higher the stakes, the happier I am.”

This line, delivered by the show’s protagonist, Logan Roy, perfectly encapsulates his unyielding ambition and thirst for power. It illustrates the lengths to which Logan is willing to go to maintain control, while also highlighting his twisted enjoyment of the game.

“We’re gonna build our own funeral pyre, and we’re gonna dance on it.”

This darkly humorous line, uttered by Kendall Roy, epitomizes his rebellious and self-destructive nature. It reflects Kendall’s desire to dismantle his father’s empire, even if it means sacrificing everything, including his own reputation and sanity.

“Oh, I love a good family betrayal. This is high-quality betrayal.”

Shiv Roy, known for her cunning nature and strategic mindset, delivers this line with a hint of delight. It showcases her appreciation for the intricate power dynamics within the family, indicating that she thrives on the manipulation and deception that defines their relationships.

“You can’t make a Tomelette without breaking some Gregs.”

Tom Wamsgans, often the source of comic relief, delivers this clever play on words. It highlights his willingness to exploit Greg’s naivety and vulnerability to further his own interests. This line perfectly captures the dark humor that Succession is known for.

“When you get to a certain level of power, money is just how you keep score.”

Connor Roy, the eccentric eldest son, delivers this line with a sense of entitlement. It reflects his detachment from reality and his belief that his status and wealth define his worth. This quote encapsulates the show’s exploration of the corrupting influence of power.

“We’re all just one catastrophic ego away from everybody eating shit.”

Cousin Greg, ever the lovable underdog, delivers this astute observation. It speaks to the delicate balance of power within the Roy family and the inherent instability of their empire. Greg’s line serves as a reminder that the dynamics can shift drastically when egos clash.

“Nobody on this planet, including me, should ever take you seriously.”

Marcia Roy, Logan’s ex-wife, delivers this biting line to her son, Roman. It highlights the family’s habit of underestimating Roman and belittling his abilities. Despite the harshness of the statement, it also reveals the enduring love and concern beneath the surface.

Final Thoughts

Succession Season 4 continued to dazzle audiences with its sharp writing and compelling characters. The selected lines exemplify the show’s dark humor, biting sarcasm, and insightful commentary on the complexities of power and family. From Logan’s unwavering ambition to Roman’s constant underestimation, each line offers a glimpse into the character’s motivations and the intricate web they weave. As viewers eagerly anticipate the next installment, these memorable quotes serve as a testament to Succession’s mastery of dialogue and storytelling.