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Welcome to the Tom Clancy resource!

The Tom Clancy FAQ was originally designed to reduce the number of recurring questions in the newsgroups and alt.books.tom-clancy newsgroups.  The FAQ is now a resource for books written by Tom Clancy, movies made from books written and/or inspired by Tom Clancy, games inspired and/or produced by Tom Clancy, and Tom Clancy himself.

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New/Upcoming Releases


  • In December, 2006, Tom Clancy had bypass surgery.  He has reported has is now doing fine.
  • has removed the entry for new Tom Clancy books (written solely by Clancy).
  • The Tom Clancy Companion is now available.  The Concordance section was written by Steve Cosby, the author/editor of this website.  Limited updates to the Companion will be found on this website in the future.  The Companion covers all Ryanverse novels through Teeth of the Tiger plus Red Storm Rising.
  • Tom Clancy and his wife, Alexandra, have a new baby as of late 2004.
  • More


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