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Tom Clancy FAQ - Military Ranks

The U.S. Military ranks data was taken from newsgroup messages, U.S. Military web pages and published data, and other websites. 

Pay Grade U.S. Army U.S. Air Force U.S. Navy U.S. Marines
  Title Insignia Title Insignia Title Insignia Title Insignia
E-1 Private Airman Basic Seaman Recruit Private
E-2 Private 2 e2army.gif (1036 bytes) Airman e2.gif (999 bytes) Seman Apprentice e2_bw.gif (249 bytes) Private First Class e2__54.gif (1036 bytes)
E-3 Private First Class e3.gif (1139 bytes) Airman First Class e3__4.gif (1042 bytes) Seaman e3_bw.gif (307 bytes) Lance Corporal e3__5.gif (1107 bytes)



e4_spec.gif (1061 bytes)

Senior Airman or Sergeant e4__7.gif (1092 bytes) Petty Officer 3rd Class e4_bw.gif (1124 bytes) Corporal e4__8.gif (1177 bytes)
Corporal e4.gif (1101 bytes)
E-5 Sergeant e5.gif (1170 bytes) Staff Sergeant e5__10.gif (1145 bytes) Petty Officer 2nd Class e5_bw.gif (1196 bytes) Sergeant e5__11.gif (1247 bytes)
E-6 Staff Sergeant e6.gif (1272 bytes) Technical Sergeant e6__13.gif (1196 bytes) Petty Officer 1st Class e6_bw.gif (1256 bytes) Staff Sergeant e6__14.gif (1301 bytes)
E-7 Sergeant First Class e7.gif (1338 bytes) Master Sergeant e7__16.gif (1290 bytes) Chief Petty Officer e7_bw.gif (1299 bytes) Gunnery Sergeant e7__17.gif (1366 bytes)
E-8 Master Sergeant e8.gif (1391 bytes) Senior Master Sergeant e8__19.gif (1333 bytes) Senior Chief Petty Officer e8_bw.gif (1318 bytes) Master Sergeant e8__21.gif (1417 bytes)
First Sergeant e8_firstsgt.gif (1436 bytes) First Sergeant e8_firstsgt__20.gif (1340 bytes) First Sergeant e8_firstsgt__22.gif (1420 bytes)
E-9 Sergeant Major / e9.gif (1412 bytes) Chief Master Sergeant e9__24.gif (1372 bytes) Master Chief Petty Officer e9_bw.gif (1325 bytes) Master Gunnery Sergeant e9__25.gif (1478 bytes)
Command Sergeant Major e9_command.gif (1452 bytes) First Sergeant e9_firstsgt.gif (1383 bytes) Sergeant Major e9_sgtmaj.gif (1470 bytes)
E-9 special  Sergeant Major of the Army e9_sma.gif (1576 bytes) Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force e9_cmsaf.gif (1392 bytes) Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy e9_bw_mcpon.gif (1332 bytes) Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps e9_smc.gif (1506 bytes)
W-1 Warrant Officer One w1_collar.gif (864 bytes) (None) (None) Warrant Officer One w1_mccol.gif (883 bytes)
W-2 Chief Warrant Officer Two w2_collar.gif (875 bytes) (None) Chief Warrant Officer w2_collar__50.gif (883 bytes) Warrant Officer Two w2_collar__51.gif (883 bytes)
W-3 Chief Warrant Officer Three w3_collar.gif (883 bytes) (None) Chief Warrant Officer w3_collar__27.gif (883 bytes) Warrant Officer Three w3_collar__28.gif (883 bytes)
W-4 Chief Warrant Officer Four w4_collar.gif (882 bytes) (None) Chief Warrant Officer w4_collar__29.gif (883 bytes) Warrant Officer Four w4_collar__30.gif (883 bytes)
W-5 Master Warrant Officer Five w5_collar.gif (906 bytes) (None) (None) Warrant Officer Five w5_collar__31.gif (884 bytes)
O-1 Second Lieutenant o1_collar.gif (842 bytes) Second Lieutenant o1_collar.gif (842 bytes) Ensign o1_collar.gif (842 bytes) o1_sleeve.gif (140 bytes) Second Lieutenant o1_collar.gif (842 bytes)
O-2 First Lieutenant o2_collar.gif (842 bytes) First Lieutenant o2_collar.gif (842 bytes) Lieutenant, Junior Grade o2_collar.gif (842 bytes) o2_sleeve.gif (146 bytes) First Lieutenant o2_collar.gif (842 bytes)
O-3 Captain o3_collar.gif (915 bytes) Captain o3_collar.gif (915 bytes) Lieutenant o3_collar.gif (915 bytes) o3_sleeve.gif (149 bytes) Captain o3_collar.gif (915 bytes)
O-4 Major o4_collar.gif (1428 bytes) Major o4_collar.gif (1428 bytes) Lieutenant Commander o4_collar.gif (1428 bytes) o4_sleeve.gif (156 bytes) Major o4_collar.gif (1428 bytes)
O-5 Lieutenant Colonel o5_collar.gif (1380 bytes) Lieutenant Colonel o5_collar.gif (1380 bytes) Commander o5_collar.gif (1380 bytes) o5_sleeve.gif (152 bytes) Lieutenant Colonel o5_collar.gif (1380 bytes)
O-6 Colonel o6_collar.gif (2285 bytes) Colonel o6_collar.gif (2285 bytes) Captain o6_collar.gif (2285 bytes) o6_sleeve.gif (160 bytes) Colonel o6_collar.gif (2285 bytes)
O-7 Brigadier General o7_collar.gif (928 bytes) Brigadier General o7_collar.gif (928 bytes) Rear Admiral, Lower Half (sometimes Commodore) o7_collar.gif (928 bytes) o7_sleeve.gif (147 bytes) Brigadier General o7_collar.gif (928 bytes)
O-8 Major General o8_collar.gif (1008 bytes) Major General o8_collar.gif (1008 bytes) Rear Admiral, Upper Half o8_collar.gif (1008 bytes) o8_sleeve.gif (156 bytes) Major General o8_collar.gif (1008 bytes)
O-9 Lieutenant General o9_collar.gif (1076 bytes) Lieutenant General o9_collar.gif (1076 bytes) Vice Admiral o9_collar.gif (1076 bytes) o9_sleeve.gif (160 bytes) Lieutenant General o9_collar.gif (1076 bytes)
O-10 General o10_collar.gif (1144 bytes) General o10_collar.gif (1144 bytes) Admiral o10_collar.gif (1144 bytes) o10_sleeve.gif (164 bytes) General o10_collar.gif (1144 bytes)

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