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There have been 10 Op-Center books published to this point.  The following is brief information about each.  This listing is in chronological (and publishing) order.  Note that these books are not written by Tom Clancy.  The author for the books was Jeff RovinTom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik were the creaters of the series (i.e. the original idea).

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Tom Clancy's Op-Center

The first Op-Center was published in concert with an NBC mini-series.  As noted elsewhere in this FAQ, the plot line of the Op-Center book and the mini-series differ.  A terrorist bomb explodes during a South Korean celebration of the anniversary of the election of its first President. Alarms are raised in Washington. No one is claiming responsibility. The first suspect is North Korea. Could they be making a power play against South Korea and unification? If so, how would the U.S. respond? The job of finding out the answer to these questions is left to Paul Hood, Director of the Op-Center. The Op-Center, a largely autonomous new agency, is only six months old. It has never been given a foreign crisis until now. Hood's team, which includes: A General, a former ambassador, a psychologist, and a computer specialist, try to find solutions, only to discover something that could change the new world-order.

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Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Mirror Image

As there have been no new mini-series or movies dealing with Op-Center, the second and subsequent books are independent but continue with the same characters as the first and the mini-series.   Elements in the new Russian Republic long for a return to the glory days of the Soviet Union. These elements gain control of the new Russian Intelligence Center, which is very much like the NSMC in resources, in order to implement a coup de tat. Their plan is to destabilize Eastern Europe and take it back. Op-Center becomes aware of the beginnings of this plan when several American and British agents are eliminated by Russian Intelligence in a return of cold war like tactics. Paul Hood and his team at Op-Center must try to stop the Russian coup before Eastern Europe lights up in flames.  

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Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Games of State

The third Op-Center book looks at newly formed German neo-Nazi groups which start spreading violence and resurrecting visions which died 50 years ago. But now, Germany won't be the only site of vilolence. The groups begin trying to target Europe and create havoc throughout the United States. Paul Hood and his team are in Germany seeking to buy equipment for the new Regional Op-Center and are drawn into the crisis.  

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Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Acts of War

Now that the Regional Op-Center is online in Greece, the team observes Syrian terrorists attacking a dam inside the borders of Turkey which threatens the water supply of their own homeland. Their aim is not to hurt their own people but only the first step in a simple plan: force a new Middle Eastern war.  

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Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Balance of Power

The fifth Op-Center deals with a potential civil war in Spain.  Spain appears ready to endure the most severe internal turmoil in centuries.  Only a few high level Spanish officials see it coming but Op-Center confirms it.  Now, it must be stopped.  But before Spain, with United States assistance, can address the problem, an Op-Center team member is murdered in Madrid on her way to a top secret meeting.  

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Tom Clancy's Op-Center: State of Siege

Paul Hood, the Director of Op-Center, decides it is time to retire because of the toll Op-Center has placed on his marriage and family.  But, just as he is about to retire, his daughter is caught in a terrorist kidnapping at the UN.  

This is considered to be the best Op-Center book yet.  Remember, though, these are not written by Clancy!

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Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Divide and Conquer

Paul Hood is still part of Op-Center.  Foggy Bottom traitors secretly cause tensions to flare between Iran and Azerbaijan hoping to start a shooting war to increase their own power and profit.  Along the way, the President is accused of being mentally unstable and the Op-Center members have to address war, the honor of the President, and traitors in our own government. 


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Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Line of Control

A rebellion against the Indian government is being pushed by an Islamic cleric.  Striker is sent in to kidnap him.  But the long-standing border dispute between India and Pakistan erupts and Striker gets caught in the crossfire.  Caught in the middle of a full-fledged war, their fate rests in the hands of a devious double agent whose own agenda is unknown.

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Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Mission of Honor

The Vatican has a problem.  A group of African militiamen have kidnapped a priest and ordered all Catholic missionaries to leave the nation of Botswana. The Vatican turns to Op-Center for an investigation.  The real purpose of the action by the militiamen is a plan by outside forces to destabilize the government and seize the nation's diamond mines.


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Tom Clancy's Op-Center 10: Sea of Fire

A radiation infested nearly dead pirate of Singapore origin is found in the Celebes Sea of the Western Pacific.  The presence of radiation sets off warning bells all the way to Washington, D.C but also in Australia.  Australian officials enlist Op-Center for a top-secret investigation of nuclear disposal sites. An empty drum from a recent drop-provides a clue that an international conglomerate which has been hired to dispose of the nuclear waste is actually selling it instead -- to a most unlikely terrorist...


Tom Clancy's Op-Center 11: Call to Treason



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